New Macau Central Library Competition
First prize

The Macau Central Library concept design competition was organized by the Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau in July 2008. Working in partnership with Vong Man Ceng of CAA City Planning and Engineering Consultants, ARK is the principle design architect in this competition.
The Library is located on the site of two historical buildings which their facades are to be preserved, thus the challenge of this design is not only to create a dialogue between the old and new, the new design should also explore its architectural potential to reflect the spirit of its time – to address the issue of knowledge development in this new age.
The concept of “collaged landscapes” is being adopted in the organization of programs and zonings, which sets out to redefine the traditional library, both in terms of internal organization and architectural design. And with respect to the existing facades of two historical buildings, the library also preserves the scale and horizontality. 
With its angled glass facades and stacked floor plates, the building becomes a new, iconic cultural landmark and social hub amidst the city’s ever-changing landscape. 

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