Logan Centre

Shenzhen, China  |  In Progress

The Logan Centre is a mixed use development with 267,400m2 of floor space comprising of 2 office towers, 1 residential tower, a headquarters podium block, SOHO villas and a shopping mall. With the architectural massing principally driven by local planning and marketing considerations, the major design challenge lies in generating a design concept that creates distinctive façades, and promulgates coherent architectural language amongst different parts of the development to contribute to the already iconic skyline of the Shenzhen OCT area. As the future headquarters of the Logan Group, the design also seeks to develop a language to express the branding and corporate aspirations of the group.


The concept ‘Tree of Life’ is inspired by the plethora of organic arrangement in nature: layers, curves, fillets. Likewise, Logan Centre’s façade is rich in layers. Composed of a rhythm of major and minor lines, the major lines accentuate programmatic volumes to produce visual clarity, tension, and sense of movement that is comprehensible from afar. The minor lines give contrasting directions and detail when viewed from a near distance. The Logan headquarters block is composed of horizontal lines that bend upwards, like roots of a tree, giving visual support to the tower above. This echoes with the Logan corporate aspiration of being solidly grounded and forward looking at the same time.