M+ Pavilion

West Kowloon, Hong Kong  |  Design 2014


West Kowloon Cultural District Competition

The WKDC Arts Pavilion is a competition design for a smaller museum to accompany the flagship M+ Museum designed by Herzog & De Meuron. ARK's design approach situates the arts pavilion as a museum in a park, contrasting to the M+ Museum. While the M+ Museum is square and orthogonal, the Arts Pavilion acquires a circular and free flowing form. The M+ expresses hardness and rigidity, the pavilion soft and pliable. One is urbane, the other organic. The Arts Pavilion is made up of several circular rooms linked together, providing simultaneously compressive and expansive spaces for a unique gallery experience. The gallery rooms are housed under a larger roof system that provides semi outdoor spaces for exhibits to flow out from the galleries into the park. Inside the gallery, the lighting design uses the concept of  a “natural light bulb” to allow even and diffused natural light into the exhibition spaces.