Magnet Place

Kowloon, Hong Kong  |  2019

Magnet Place is a commercial project  which involves the revitalization of the 2 existing industrial buildings with a combined GFA of 33,400minto commercial and office space under the Wholesale  Conversion of Industrial Buildings Scheme.


The existing buildings are two industrial towers with podium.  The design revitalizes the buildings with a new modern and  exciting podium facade to reflect the new commercial space  within. The new podium stands out from the other buildings in  the site and draws the attentions of the shoppers. The elegant  design of the podium gentrifies the urban fabric and inserts  more energy into the site.


Green areas are inserting into both the podium space and  other tower open spaces to improve the user experience of the  building. The greenery are also visible on street level which also  enhances the surrounding environment.