Mega Cube Sales Suite

Kowloon, Hong Kong  |  2016

A space for a fashion designer

The show office is intended to be a designer “Loft” office for the creative industry. In particular, this office is modeled as an office for fashion designer. The design intends to reflect a creative space that encourages a co-working and collaborative working style. Hence the spaces are open plan with a single work long table for collaboration and flexibility in working style.

The design aesthetics is based on a juxtaposition of the rough and the refined of the “loft” style. Hence a rough and raw table is placed against the refined furniture and décor. The directors room is separated with a glass partition to enhance the spacious quality of the office and communication between designers. The décor in the director’s room is eclectic and is a mix and match of bold colorful graphics and surreal décor with contemporary furniture reflecting the possibilities in style of the fashion designer.