Prince Hotel

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong  |  2017

Photography by Amy K Boyd


2018  |  A&D Trophy Award Certificate of Excellence

The award winning Prince Hotel is one of the three hotels within the Harbour City complex. This renovation project was part of the Harbour City shopping mall reconfiguration to expand both the retail spaces as well as the hotel lobby and lounge spaces. With the introduction of a glass conservatory to the lobby, the aim was to enhance the presence of the hotel and the spatial connection to the external courtyard.

ARK approached the design with the aim to create a unique brand identity to the Prince Hotel that would differentiate it from the other 2 hotels which were characterized by more contemporary modern designs. As a play on the hotel name, “Modern Royalty” was developed as a thematic design language. The design approach would be a collage of traditional elements collaged with modern lines with a touch of glamour.

Because of the indirect entrance, the design captures and enhances the existing columns to create a strong rhythmic space that leads hotels guess to the reception area. Metal screens in traditional tartan and diagonal grids are applied on top of simple marble walls to create layering and richness in the space. The lift lobby is designed with a traditional classic paneling pattern composed in a modern way. In the glass conservatory, a 10m long bench and a 10m long sculptural light gives definition to the space and provides a strong identity that catches passerby’s attention from the courtyard.