What we do

Through our Architectural and Interior Design departments, we have developed a prolific body of work and knowledge over the years through which we are able to provide an integrated experience approach to design that brings a consistent architectural and interior experience to a project. An integrated design experience that is driven by lifestyle design and compelling narratives to enhance marketing and branding goals of a project. 

Experience Design

Architecture - Comprehensive Service

We provide a full architectural lead consultant service that includes development potential and feasibility study, architectural planning, façade design, design development, contract administration and Authorized Person services.

Architecture - Design Architect

We provide independent design architect services for architectural design, planning and façade design to a project where the client already has another architect of record or a local architect or overseas projects.

Architecture - Facade Design

We provides elevation and façade design services for projects where clients seeks to have a unique façade to an often homogeneous massing that arises out of maximisation of development potential. For each design we seek to create designs that are compelling, signature in design and experience orientated.

Interior - Interior Design

We provide independent interior design service as well as an integrated design service with our architectural design department to achieve a total experience design. For each project, ARK seeks to create unique experiences that have compelling narratives derived from lifestyle creation to enhance marketing and branding goals.  

Interior - Spatial Audit

At the initial stage of design, we carry out spatial audit on given architectural plans at a human ergonomic scale to ensure that spaces are have good interior quality, enhanced functionality, efficiency and value adding.

Interior - Lifestyle and Branding

For each individual project, we create a lifestyle concept with unique experiences and compelling narratives that enhances our clients marketing aspirations and value of the project. 

Interior - Luxurious Styling

Artwork and decoration are an integral and enhancing element of an interior experience. We provide artwork and decoration consultancy, selection and procurement to our projects at part of the integrated experience design.

Interior - Executive Design Collaboration

We collaborate with international designers on the execution of local projects. Some of our successful collaborations include David Collins Studio Limited, GA Design Group, Super Potato and more.