China Hotel Industry Awards
Orange House, Best Boutique Hotel

The Orange House Resort Hotel is the first project being commissioned in the development of Nan Ling into an Eco-Tourism destination. Situated in Nan Ling National Forest Park, which has one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in China, Orange House bears an important role of being the mediator between art, nature and community. Out of respect to the local community and environmental preservation, the resort hotel is remodeled on an existing guesthouse, the project faced several challenges. Although restrained to work with the existing load bearing structures, the design should convey a strong visual impact yet able to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment. Therefore, a “texture layers” concept was applied to give the building a horizontal emphasis and allow a variation of material and colours to blend in with the surroundings. The building is wrapped with a series of wooden ribbons at its outmost layer, which blend the protruding balconies with the overall composition but also giving a visual flux. Behind this come the windows and the walls layer, which is repainted into strips of orange in various tones, giving depth and breaking down the building scale. In order to maintain and emphasize the “silence and darkness” of the surrounding forest, external lighting features are deliberately minimized and concealed, such as at the underside of the low railings or the giant steps at the entrance.

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