Kadooria - Nautica Vouyager

Kowloon, Hong Kong  |  2018

Photography by Amy K Boyd


2018  |  A&D Trophy Award Certificate of Excellence

This residential show unit is part of the Kadooria Luxury development located in the renowned Kadoorie Hill. The design is intended to create a 4 bedroom city retreat unit that would reflect an understated luxury with an emphasis on outdoor and indoor connections.


The design concept ‘Nautica Vouyager’, takes inspiration from the elegant forms, lines and rich materials of luxury yachts. The result is an interior space composed with soft lines combines with rich materials that is relaxed whole sophisticated at the same time.


The design of the living and dining ara, divided in 3 zones, are planned to spatially flow into each other. The spaces are connected together with 2 vaulted ceilings that are indirectly lit to amplify the sense of space with a perception of airiness. The wall finishes are a combination of panels in glossy dark wood panels and grey alcantara to play up the contrast of surfaces. The design is tie together with a silver traverine stone floor that brings the outside to the inside. The bedrooms are design with different expressions to highlight the individuality of each room.


The whole unit faces onto a private terrace garden that is separated into different zones namely. An outdoor dining area and a private terrace area for the master bedroom. The terrace provides the indoor/outdoor experience to enhance the city retreat experience.